This is a long friendship story between Thierry and I. Thierry is an authentic champagne maker marked by the heritage of a long viticulture tradition coming from his ancestors and myself being passionate about wine with additional knowledge obtained during my studies in a hotel management school.
It is during a trip to Thailand that this relation took a significant turning point when the common passion for this great country enable us to collaborate together in order to make discover to Thai people some wines and champagnes of local French winemakers.

Thierry is occasionally coming to Thailand to assist me in promoting his products and share his knowledge.


Champagne maker in Rilly la Montagne producing for 3 generations, growing grapes with passion on the most renowned hillside of Reims.
His soil ranked ‘First Growth’ and gives his champagne wines delicacy and elegance equal to the most prestigious vintages.

Made from the blend of 3 grape varieties of Champagne, these provide a delicate balance between fruity, strength and delicacy.

A slow ageing of at least five years in his chalky cellars grant ripeness to his range of Champagne wines.