The best soils of this area are composed of stone deposits with sand and clay known as “croupes” or “crests”. Château Le Bourdieu is located in the heart of one of those deposits, nestled closed to the mouth of the river Gironde, which is an extra benefit.

It is said that the proximity to the river ensures a good wine in this area because throughout the year the river influences the climate and balances humidity and temperature, which is essential for the grape to develop to proper maturity.

Le Bourdieu is situated in Médoc, near the village of Valeyrac, in one of the great wine growing regions of France.

Château Le Bourdieu was recorded in the 2nd edition of Féret in 1878 and in the 1st “Cru Bourgeois” classification (1932).

The map created by the famous engineer called Belleyme, helped by Delacourt, shows evidence in the XVIII century of “Le Bordieu”

The château’s pigeon tower, surrounded by vines, signals its roots in an earlier area.
Built circa 1830 by Philippe Delacourt, Lord of Bourdieu, in the architectural style of the 19th century manor house.