Domaine de la Ferrandiere

The Domaine de la Ferrandiere is situated on the site of an ancient maritime lagoon between the Corbieres and Minervois areas, 40km from the Mediterranean sea.

Chateau Le Bourdieu

The best soils of this area are composed of stone deposits with sand and clay known as “croupes” or “crests”.

Geography of the Champagne vineyards

The Champagne production zone (AOC vineyard area) is defined and delimited by a law passed in 1927, encompassing roughly 34,000 hectares of vineyards.

About The Champagne Maker: Thierry Bardoux

This is a long friendship story between Thierry and I.

Champagne grape varieties

The choice of plantings in Champagne is based on compatibility with the special nature of the local terroir.

Champagne wine

Champagne wines are exclusively produced from grapes grown, harvested and made into wine within the Champagne